Susan J. - Health Practitioner
“It's so refreshing to deal with a company that stands behind their products. You have the greatest integrity for your products. Not all companies out there have this. You are like a ray of light in the darkness out there. I enjoy doing business with you.”

Jeanne B.- Holistic Practitioner
“Vitality C is my favorite product! My biggest problem was energy. I started taking 8,000 units a day and worked up to 14,000 a day with no stomach upset or any other negative side effects. Within a month I was up and returning to my regular schedule. My immune system strengthened. What a great product. I like that I can adjust the dosage to my individual needs. The service at AN is fabulous! Such helpful people and quick turn-around. Any questions are answered with a deep understanding of the products.”

Susan D.
“I have always had a very good experience with American Nutriceuticals’ service. Everyone is very knowledgeable and supportive and eager to help with product information.”

Dr. William Lee C.
“Noni, in my experience, is a powerful stimulator of immune system function and a powerful aid in the helping of the gastro-intestinal tract. Noni should be considered an important part of treatment.”

Leslie M.
“The one product I have used consistently is Ecomer. I think this is a great product and truly believe that it has helped my immune system. I believe the Ecomer contributed to my health and feigning off the sickness’s that were going around. I believe in this product and continue to take it and will continue to take it, whether I feel healthy or not.”

Jason S.
“Vitality C is my favorite product and always makes me feel so much better. American Nutriceuticals service is top notch!”

Warren A.
“If I had to narrow down, Vitality C is probably the product of American Nutriceuticals that helps me on a constant basis. I used to feel run down and always fighting a cold…it has been now three years since I have had a cold! The service from the American Nutriceuticals group is like family- always happy, very professional, prompt and friendly.”

Dr. Michael E.
“Ecomer boosts the immune system so quickly. At the first sign of a lowered immune system, it eliminates it! American Nutriceuticals has quality products combined with excellent customer service.”

Connie N.
“I sought out an alternative approach for my health and met American Nutriceuticals. After two and a half years of using their products/protocols, I am healthier than ever. Their service is excellent with the staff going above and beyond!”

Richard L.
“With all of the products I’ve taken over the years, Vitality C is the only one that gave me more energy and prevented me from being sick for a long time. Also, the other supplements as well as the detox items really seemed to keep me healthy.”