SOD Support 190 TABS
SOD Support 190 TABS

SOD Support 190 TABS

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  • Improves toleration of toxicity
  • Increases the natural production of SOD (super oxide dismutase)
  • Whole food antioxidant enzymes
Size: 190 tablets

SOD Support (formerly named Stress Release) is a gluten free, whole food enzyme that contains nutrients drawn from fetal wheat sprouts rich in whole food antioxidants enzymes that enhance the entire body. The nutrients found in SOD Support promote good health and improves the body’s natural ability to combat built up toxicity and pain by supporting the enzymes that flush toxic waste from the body. SOD Support also increases the natural production of SOD (super oxide dismutase). SOD is the body’s natural method of eliminating toxins from within the cell. Since SOD Support is made from fetal wheat sprouts, they have not been exposed to sunlight making it a gluten free product.

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